Liquid storage

Truck Center of Fort Worth, Inc. is an independent distributor for PCI Manufacturing of Sulphur Springs, Texas. We can provide many types of liquid storage tank solutions from 250 barrel mini-fracs, through 500 barrel corrugated and smooth wall fracs, round-bottom mud tanks and mud boxes, site specific vacuum skid tanks, and the Big Pond tank up to 48,000 barrels (approximately 2,000,000 gallons) capacities.

Quality is key to our decision making process, and we only represent manufacturers whom we can believe in.

Standard 500 barrel flat top frac tank

500 barrel round-bottom mud tank

Open Top Mud Box

500 barrel smooth wall frac tank

250 barrel mini-frac tank

Super-Vac skid mounted 30 barrel cleanup tank (custom)

Big Pond Tanks, up to 48,000 barrels capacity

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